Business solutions

Connecting objects by GPRS is a great way to create new opportunities and new business models. Kolombo’s team of engineers can help you make the most of these opportunities by suggesting innovative solutions and putting their profound knowledge of connected objects in the industrial sector to work for you.

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Creating high-performance tools

You can count on our robust technology, which is stored in the cloud, to create connected products that really stand out. Kolombo specializes in the development of standard material as well as made-to-measure products.

Integration to your business model

Rest assured: We know that the integration and assimilation of a new digital component can have significant impact on your business model. The experts at Kolombo will help you every step of the way to install your new technology and ensure your daily activities run smoothly. We can also connect FLEETCENTER to other management platforms that you currently use to ensure you make the most of your data.

Assistance and technical support

Get immediate help whenever your connected products are deployed or used. Kolombo provides you with technical assistance all along the value chain to the end user.