Installation technology

An object’s connectivity is guaranteed through the installation of the right technology. Kolombo will work with you to smartly connect your objects to the GPRS network by supplying all the necessary material. Our technological know-how, relationships with major players in the telecommunications industry and innovative approach ensures full synchronization of all your connected objects so you can manage relevant data.

Talk with a specialist

Pre-configuration and quick installation

Your SIM cards will be activated and installed before your items are even delivered. Once they arrive, our technological solutions are ready to be used.

Personalized to meet your needs

Team up with Kolombo for a product that’s made to measure, a design that reflects your image or a white-label product. Kolombo’s technology adapts to any product and type of usage.

Worldwide coverage

Never lose track of your connected objects. Kolombo works with the world’s largest telecommunication companies to ensure you can track your goods at all times, even from the other side of the world.

Partners: Rogers AT&T, TELUS, Bell, Vodafone, and Jasper Global Sim.