Marketing applications

With help from global fiscal partners, Kolombo has set up a system to collect sales tax and distribute rebates. Kolombo’s procedure is not only revolutionary, it also meets the strictest fiscal norms enforced by multiple layers of government in Canada and elsewhere.

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Supplier management

Keep an eye on your connected objects at all times while we manage financial dealings with mobile phone providers. The agreements you have with those providers ensure you always get the best prices on the market.

Value-chain management

Sell your connected objects without worrying about financial dealings. Kolombo will take full charge of payments made by end users through our mobile app, and will provide discounts to all parties along the value chain you’ve set up.

Tax management

No more administrative issues! In a global economy, tax management can turn into a real headache. Kolombo’s financial services, offered in partnership with a key accounting firm, will make doing business easy by managing tax collection as well as paying instalments to all levels of government.