Security and asset protection

Kolombo minimises the risk of theft and loss of mobile assets and property thanks to our technological capacity and connected products. Whether you work in the security industry and need to automate your process, or you’re a private company that wants to keep your assets safe at affordable rates, Kolombo’s experts can help find a solution that works for you.

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Asset tracking

Link the powerful FLEETCENTER tracking software to a wide range of connected objects, from a fleet of vehicles to surveillance cameras, smart locks, security posts, and more. Manage your assets smartly and effortlessly.

Access management

Simplify how you manage access to a physical site. Traditional access management can require a complex system and excessive costs. With Kolombo, you get a real alternative that meets your needs—especially when it comes to managing the creation and installation of a system as well as drastically diminishing the time it takes for someone to arrive on site.

Project financing

Take advantage of a flexible financing option for large projects. Although you’ll soon benefit from a positive ROI, initial costs of installing new technology for a full line of products or an entire fleet can add up fast. Kolombo will adapt to your business model so you can complete your project to term, without complications.