Software as a Service (SaaS)

Over the last 15 years, Kolombo has invested over $20 million to develop FLEETCENTER, a tracking and geolocation software that collects relevant data on connected objects using technology as well as a GPRS network. All data—from the fluctuating temperature of cargo to the position of a fleet of vehicles—is stored and deciphered by software that’s available online and adapted to the needs of every client. The software is based on a network that’s stable, robust and available globally thanks to agreements signed with large mobile-phone distributors around the world.

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User-friendly dashboard

Identify and manage all your connected objects with FLEETCENTER’s dashboard. It will show you where each of your units is located as well as their movement and navigation history. You can also set up tracking zones and visualize all information related to your connected objects, from the speed they’re driving to their temperature and condition.

Alerts and personalized reports

You can easily program alerts for all your connected objects using FLEETCENTER’s dashboard. You’ll be notified by email or text message whenever the system detects requested information, such as speed, a collision, a breakdown, or when the vehicle leaves the transportation zone. Alerts will then be added to personalised reports, which you will receive at pre-set intervals.

Large-scale deployment via our mobile app

Access your connected objects whenever and wherever using our convenient mobile app, which contains the same functions as the FLEETCENTER web-based software. To learn more about our web app, click here.