Case study

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Case study

Food industry

A major player in the food-processing industry had very little information or control over their fleet of trailers. Yet it was important for them to know how many hours each driver was working, the speed of each trailer and the temperature of refrigerated trailers on the road. The main goal for the company was to gain control of their mobile assets and have relevant information in real time to ensure the best possible daily management of their fleet.

Thanks to permanent installations in all trailers and tractors, Kolombo connected the entire food-processing company’s fleet, making it much simpler to manage the time and performance of teams on the road. The company can now guarantee the quality of the products it transports, from pick up to delivery, thanks to the precise reading of temperatures at the back and front of each refrigerated unit. Just 6 months after the installation, the food-processing company’s investment was completely paid off.

Case study


A major construction company was facing a recurring problem: the theft of heavy machinery on building sites. The disappearance of key pieces of equipment was creating increased costs and significantly delaying the delivery of projects. The construction company asked Kolombo to help reduce the theft of heavy machinery in order to better control access to equipment and maximize the use of their assets.

Kolombo set up a full system to protect against theft, including an access management system. For example, drivers must now provide ID when they start a vehicle and the company has installed alarms that are triggered by failed attempts to start a vehicle. The construction company can now know, in real time, the number of hours worked, the number of people on each building site, and the inventory of equipment currently being used. By combining a security system with Kolombo’s access management system, the construction company took only 6 months to make their investment profitable.

Case study


During periods of high foot traffic, like the Holiday season, a large retailer stockpiles a large quantity of merchandise in the trailers at the back of their stores. These trailers were easy targets for thieves, and the retailer asked Kolombo to help reduce the problem.

Thanks to a security and inventory-management system set up by Kolombo, the retailer can know at all times just where each of their trailers is located and what they are hauling. The stores’ managers are notified whenever the locks installed on trailers have been moved, and if someone enters the trailer. The retailer is now almost entirely protected against theft. The company also has real-time knowledge of their mobile inventory, which facilitates business decisions.

Case study


A large furniture retailer was spending massive amounts to ensure the security of their head office. They had 3 security posts with 16 security agents, supervised by a captain in charge of surveillance—adding up to over 28,000 security hours per year. The retailer asked Kolombo to install a more efficient security system that would allow them to save time and money.

After evaluating the customer’s needs, Kolombo put a made-to-measure security solution into place—one that was sustainable and cost-effective. Kolombo added an additional security post and placed all 4 posts under the surveillance of a single guard. The retailer was able to cut their security team down to 6 guards and save more than 19,500 work hours. As well as increasing efficiency and peace of mind, Kolombo helped the client save 40% on their security budget.

Case study

Integration to
a product

Mul-T-Lock develops, produces and markets locking and access-control products for institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential use. Protecting moving trailers and isolated buildings presents a huge challenge, as clients often realize too late that contents have been damaged or stolen. Knowing this was an issue, Mul-T-Lock wanted to develop locks that not only protected goods but also communicated their status and position. Mul-T-Lock asked Kolombo to come up with a smart and connected new product for commercial use.

Kolombo worked hand in hand with Mul-T-Lock to come up with just the right kind of locking system. The result was KonnectLock®—a smart anti-theft device that’s robust and user-friendly. KonnectLock® will send an alert to an owner by text or email in real time, letting them know if the lock has been opened or damaged, and automatically shares its global position. It will also alert owners when the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. KonnectLock® is the ideal solution for companies to protect goods that are far away or in movement—without requiring heavy investment.